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Don’t worry about agents hounding you with phone calls, it won’t happen. You won’t get hundreds of agent spam emails from us either. The limited information you enter into the quote engine is safe and secure. Get hassle free individual health insurance quotes California.

We work with all the major health insurance companies in California, so you’ll be able to get the best options here. Inside the quote, you’ll be able to compare plans and get detailed information about any plan. When you have decided on the plan you want, there is a green “Apply Now” button you can click to fill out an online application. The online application is done at a secure portal in the insurance company’s website, so your information is protected.

Get instant quotes by entering your zip code below!

If you have any questions about your California health insurance quotes, please call us at 858-613-3628. One of our advisers will be glad to help you.

Health insurance rates are regulated by the California department of Insurance. The rates in this quote engine are exactly the same as the rates at any quote engine, including each insurance company’s website. You won’t find lower rate somewhere else.

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