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If you need individual health insurance California has a variety of options. Each of the major insurance companies offers 8 to 21 plans here. One of these plans should provide a good solution for you. Look for our plan recommendations to simplify the search and get a head start on finding the plan that's right for your needs. Find out what each plan costs by checking the rates you would pay for every plan right below.

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We've analyzed all the individual health insurance California plans and determined which ones are the best fit for our clients. To make it easier to display, we've split the recommendations into several categories so you can focus on the type of plan you want. The categories are:

  • Individual Health Insurance Recommendations
  • Maternity Insurance Recommendations
  • Child Health Insurance Recommendations

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We have created these reports to show you which plans are better for people in different situations.  As Joe Friday in Dragnet used to say, "Just the facts, ma'am."  That's what we give you.

Simple 3 Step Process

Getting individual health insurance can be easy and quick if you follow our proven 3 step process:

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